Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Top Inexpensive Wedding Ideas For You

You can plan for an inexpensive wedding that can save you a lot of money and at the same time allows you to have an unforgettable wedding. It is really possible to do so. It is not true that in order to have a great wedding, you have to spend more. If the planning is proper and the arrangements are made in time with some cheap wedding ideas, then the wedding will be just as you wanted it to be.

Wedding location

Having you’re wedding in a hotel or banquet hall can be very costly and you can avoid that by having your wedding ceremony at your own house or if your house is too small for this you can always have it at your friend’s house. Ask your friend politely and if you are lucky you can have your wedding ceremony for free. Don’t be surprised, you really can save a lot of money this way.


You need not get fancy decorations. Instead, try decorating your wedding venue with things like cereal bowls, wine glasses and confetti. Fill the bowls and glasses with colored water and float some candles or flowers in them. It will look elegant and beautiful. You can also use the flowers that get damaged while transporting – just spread the petals all over room. This is a great cheap wedding idea.

Wedding gown

Don’t spend so much money on your wedding gown. My suggestion is that to look at every discount storeor get a used gown. It is really not worth it to spend so much money on your wedding gown when you know that you will use it for one day only. Another brilliant idea is to wear your mother’s or your grandmother’s wedding gown.This will not only save you the cost of buying a new gown, but it will also be quite touching. Getting married in the same gown that your mom or granny wore can make the wedding day stress twice as special for you.


Apart from being immensely adventurous and a lot of fun, eloping and getting married can also be a great cheap wedding idea. Experience dating and Love is the most important thing in a marriage and if you love your beloved too much and can’t wait to get married, then just go ahead and do it for the sake of your love! You can secretly tie the knot, and in the process you will save by not having to throw a reception for 100 people. It will be private, intimate and extremely romantic.

Here’s some Steps for an Awesome Cheap Wedding.